Why read the books

You are a talented musician, artist, songwriter, or producer and the only thing standing between you and achieving your goals in the music industry is the right information. You know music, but you may not know business – or at least you have questions. You need to know the legal aspects of starting a successful music business and how to avoid being sued. You need to know how to fully own your music and masters as well as the rules regarding using other people’s music. You may have heard information about protecting your brand but really aren’t sure how to get it done the right way (copyrights v. trademarks). You know you should be earning royalties but need to understand how much, how to qualify and how to get paid what you deserve. You know there are laws and rules you need to follow but no one ever takes the time to explain those in plain English. If you’ve ever had any of these concerns, then Start Your Music Business is for you.

My reason for writing this book is simple. I am a successful full-time practicing attorney and owner of my own law firm. I have been fortunate to represent musicians, songwriters, artists, bands, record labels and producers. Many of them had incredible talent yet did not understand how to leverage business and legal principles to grow their music businesses. I found that they all had the same questions about business and law.

I began working them as clients and helping them structure their music empires in order to further their achieve goals. As a result, my clients include record labels, songwriters, producers and artists whose works have been featured on MTV®, American Idol®, VH1®, Oxygen Network®, NFL® commercials and more. I have negotiated major recording deals with companies such as Disney® and have spoken to audiences of over 13,000 people around the country.

I am passionate about empowering talented musicians, artists, songwriters and producers because I am a musician. I have performed all over the world, but chose to pursue my love for business and law instead of a career in music. As a result, I understand the advantages major record labels and industry executives have due to their access to strategic legal and business advice through lawyers such as myself. I believe that musicians, artists, songwriters and producers should have access to the same information. I enjoy bridging the gap by communicating complicated legal and business concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner.

This book will not teach you how to write a hit song or how to become a great artist. However, it will equip you with the business and legal information you need to know to legally start your own successful music business in order to achieve your goals.

Feel free to e-mail me your questions, comments and thoughts throughout this journey at Audrey@StartYourMusicBusiness.com